1 in 5 Flight Attendants Have Had Physical Altercations With Unruly Passengers so Far This Year

StockSnap  / Pixabay

Passengers and flight attendant on an aircraft. StockSnap / Pixabay

Skift Take: Flight attendants feeling the brunt of unruly passengers are not feeling protected. If airlines don’t want to lose these valuable workers, lose revenue and potentially set travel’s recovery back with canceled flights, more must be done by the government to ensure their safety.

— Ruthy Muñoz

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Federal Aid Saved U.S. Airlines From the Worst of the Pandemic But Was It a Success?

Cory Hancock/IMF  / International Monetary Fund

U.S. airlines avoid deep cuts and maybe bankruptcies with the $74 billion in Covid-19 relief they have received from the federal government. Cory Hancock/IMF / International Monetary Fund

Skift Take: U.S. airlines avoided broad bankruptcies and cuts with the record $74 billion in government Covid-19 aid. But the relief was industry-specific and left out a lot of other sectors, including hotels and restaurants. That has meant a bumpy national economic recovery.

— Edward Russell

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U.S. National Parks Boom Is Great But Overtourism Solutions Needed Urgently, Say Senators

National Park Service  / Flickr Commons

Business being epic for the outdoors is great news post-pandemic, but the long-term survival of national parks depends on solving overcrowding issues while maintaining access for locals. The senate hearing is an encouraging step in that direction. National Park Service / Flickr Commons

Skift Take: National Parks are being “loved to death” and solutions are urgently needed to manage, disperse, and educate crowds while increasing access for all.

— Lebawit Lily Girma

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JetBlue Pares Back on New London Flights as U.S.-UK Travel Restrictions Persist

Adam Moreira  / Wikimedia

JetBlue will prune its London schedule in September amid continuing U.S-UK travel restrictions. Adam Moreira / Wikimedia

Skift Take: Few are surprised that JetBlue is pulling back on its initial London schedule as U.S.-UK travel restrictions persist. But that’s a small concern for the airline that faces big expenses related to its new alliance with American Airlines and a still uncertain recovery outlook.

— Edward Russell

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