World Health Org Won’t Endorse Proof of Vaccines for Safe International Travel

Alernon77  / Getty

The WHO would not go as far as to endorse vaccines for safe travel. Alernon77 / Getty

Skift Take: A top health official said there was currently a “great disparity” among countries about testing, quarantines and travel bans, leading to the world being “a little bit paralysed, a little bit confused.” No kidding. How can travel have chance at recovery with so many mixed messages?

— Tom Lowry

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Travel’s New Cadence and 9 Other Top Travel Stories This Week

Travelers will be more destination-decisive in 2025. Illustration by Nadia Sgaramella.

Skift Take: In Skift’s top travel stories this week, our Megatrends 2025 discussed travel becoming more soulful and a comeback for the hotel industry. In other stories, Norwegian scuttled its long-haul operation, and Hilton ceased making political contributions.

— Dennis Schaal

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New Security Measures by Airlines Could be Permanent Long After the D.C. Riots

Alan Diaz  / Associated Press

New airport and airline security measures could be here to stay long after the D.C. riots. Alan Diaz / Associated Press

Skift Take: After the events in the U.S. Capitol that shook the world and an aggressive boldness in passengers overtaking flights the likes we’ve never seen before, airlines and law enforcement are the cracking down on perverted behaviors. Is it too little, too late or is this the end of carefree civilized flying as we know it?

— Ruthy Muñoz

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Delta Forecasts Return to Profits This Year But With Little Help From Corp Travelers

Anna Zvereva  / Wikimedia

Delta plans to fly more larger jets, like this Airbus A321, on flights this spring as it slowly recovers from the crisis. Anna Zvereva / Wikimedia

Skift Take: As with earlier attempts to forecast the recovery, Delta’s optimistic outlook may prove overly bullish as the industry continues to struggle.

— Edward Russell

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