Travel Megatrends 2025: Humbled Airlines Back Away From Any Brash New Ventures

Salt Lake City International Airport

Planes on the tarmac at Salt Lake City International Airport. Salt Lake City International Airport

Skift Take: The global pandemic abruptly changed the world’s economy, and in a rush to revitalize their revenue streams, airlines are forgetting or neglecting people who run small businesses in the suburbs far away from any hubs. Is that wise or wishful thinking that it won’t matter?

— Ruthy Munoz

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Hotels Offer Space for Vaccine Sites: Good for Humankind, Good for Business

Andrey Popov  / Adobe

The U.S. hotel industry is offering the use of underutilized hotels to speed up the coronavirus vaccine distribution process. Andrey Popov / Adobe

Skift Take: Hotel operators may not see much revenue from offering their event spaces as coronavirus vaccine sites, but this is about the long game: the easier it is to vaccinate people, the quicker a hotel industry recovery can take place.

— Cameron Sperance

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