U.S. Airlines Ground Portions of Their 737 Max Fleets to Check on Electrical Power Issue


A Southwest Boeing 737 Max. Boeing advised 16 airlines to ground a portion of their 737 Max fleets to check a problem with the electrical power system. Southwest

Skift Take: The latest issue with the 737 Max that Boeing identified is unrelated to problem with the power system that led to the 20-month ban. Still, any issue with a plane’s electrical power system is not trivial.

— Dennis Schaal

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SoHo House Files Confidentially in Potential $3 Billion Bid To Go Public

SoHo House  / SoHo House Berlin

SoHo House’s IPO may end up valuing the members-only club company between $3 billion and $4 billion. SoHo House / SoHo House Berlin

Skift Take: Exclusivity going public, like SoHo House’s initial public offering, is a further signal luxury brands are poised for a major upswing on the other side of the pandemic.

— Cameron Sperance

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20 Photos to Inspire You to Travel to Mo’orea

20 Photos Moorea

There are so many reasons to visit French Polynesia. The magical 118 islands and atolls offer an endless array of outdoor adventures, romantic escapes, and so much more. For divers, you will find a different adventure off the shores of every island.

Hikers will relish the countless opportunities to climb to new horizons and admire postcard-perfect views. And beach bums? Well, this place was made for us.

Like so many island nations, I found that different parts of French Polynesia are good for different types of travelers. Whether it is a romantic retreat or a laidback escape you’re after, it is all about finding that ideal destination for you.

As you guys already might have noticed, I love a girls’ trip. There is nothing better than escaping with my bestie or the whole crew and bonding over crazy adventures.

Of all the incredible girlfriend getaways I’ve taken, I would definitely rate Mo’orea amongst the very best of the best.

While all of French Polynesia is stunning, you’ll definitely feel that couples-only vibe in certain areas. Of course, that’s great when you’re planning your dream Bora Bora honeymoon. BUT when you want to giggle with the girls over cocktails, you might feel a bit out of place in a candlelit restaurant full of couples.

In Mo’orea, we found an optimal blend of activities to be had along with chilled-out spots where we could just unwind — here are the top things to do in Mo’orea!

If you are dreaming of those overwater bungalows and five-star resorts overlooking endless turquoise waters, it’s worth mentioning that Mo’orea might not be your best pick.

Mo’orea is less about honeymoons and romantic escapes you’ll remember for a lifetime, and more about whale watching (during the winter season) and fun adventures. While there are lovely accommodation options in Mo’orea, it is not ultra-luxurious in the way some other French Polynesian islands are.

If you are looking for an epic honeymoon destination, I’d recommend checking out The Le Taha’a Island & Spa Resort. We are talking rose petals on the bed, private swimming pools, and luxe beach hideaways. The island even has a sweet vanilla aroma from all of the nearby fields. Simply put, this place oozes romance.

While some of the islands are far-flung, others are relatively close together. In the case of Mo’orea, you can travel to Tahiti in a quick (and stunning!) 30-minute ferry ride. If you want to hit up a couple of different islands it is completely doable and worthwhile in this case.

Feeling inspired to explore this magical little island? You need my Ultimate Guide to Mo’orea Travel.

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Why the Allure of the U.S. Virgin Islands Deep Into the Pandemic?

cdwheatley  / Getty Images

Tourism on U.S. Virgin Islands is well ahead of recovery, with a bigger boon ahead. cdwheatley / Getty Images

Skift Take: It’s a backyard tourism boon for the often-overlooked U.S. territory in the Caribbean, where more Americans are flocking. USVI’s successful Covid-control could also lead to the first use of in-country vaccine certificates to revive carnival later this month — while tackling local vaccine resistance.

— Lebawit Lily Girma

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United Commits to Pilot Diversity by Launching Its Own Flight School, Scholarships

United Storytelling   / Skift/United Airlines

United Airlines First Officer Carol Hopson United Storytelling / Skift/United Airlines

Skift Take: Following the global reckoning of a lack of diversity and inclusion, will United Airlines’ push for a more inclusive cockpit be the way of the future, or will it fizzle out? As more pilots retire, the new faces will tell their own story.

— Ruthy Muñoz

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New Wheelchair Prototype Seat Promises Accessibility for In-Flight Travel

Hank Scott/JPA Design  / Molon Labe Seating

Molon Labe Seating and JPA Design rendering of the “Freedom Seat” prototype enabling wheelchair use in-flight.

Hank Scott/JPA Design / Molon Labe Seating

Skift Take: Passengers traveling with wheelchairs are a billion-dollar industry often ignored by the airlines. Most passengers with disabilities plan trips with friends or family, with the determining factor being the ease of accessibility for wheelchairs. Trains and buses can accommodate. Airlines are long overdue.

— Ruthy Muñoz

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