If Travel Agencies Can Survive in Singapore, Why Not Elsewhere?

Raini Hamdi

Singapore riverside: The country’s travel agencies fighting hard to stand tall. Raini Hamdi

Skift Take: Anyone who says Covid-19 will finally do what the internet hasn’t quite done — that is, sunset the travel agency — is speaking too soon. Singapore, where logically agents are least needed, isn’t seeing massive closures so far, thanks to a government that recognizes their expertise, rather than a bot’s.

— Raini Hamdi

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Is It Right to Promote Holiday Travel Amid a Second Covid Surge?

Coastal Mississippi

Coastal Mississippi, a primarily drive market, anticipates a solid Thanksgiving visitor turnout next week. Coastal Mississippi

Skift Take: There’s no telling how many of the projected 50 million Americans traveling for Thanksgiving will ditch their plans as the CDC and states sound the alarm. In the travel industry, the messages go from “stay home, buy local” to “book now for 2021” or “if you’re visiting, be safe,” as destinations and companies continue to balance their need for revenue against public health.

— Lebawit Lily Girma

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