No Escaping Climate Change for the Travel Industry Even When Covid-19 Becomes a Distant Memory

Marco Verch Professional  /

A climate change vision of the globe. Marco Verch Professional /

Skift Take: Masks, social distancing, and vaccines can’t stop climate change. It isn’t a competition to choose the most dire threat, climate change or Covid-19, because they are interrelated. But taking a long-term view, climate change will be an existential threat to the travel industry, and the world, even as coronavirus fades.

— Dennis Schaal

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Parsing Hotel ‘Hygiene Theater’ From Truly Effective Health Protocols


Blue Canary wants to be the hotel industry’s third-party verifier of coronavirus-related cleaning programs. Pxfuel

Skift Take: Independent hoteliers with smaller back offices could find a third-party company like Blue Canary useful in mapping out heightened health and safety protocols. But it isn’t clear if bigger brands with compliance departments will ever find need for outside help on cleaning.

— Cameron Sperance

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