Coronavirus May Solve Overtourism in Europe But Will That Shift Leave Lasting Economic Scars?

Rustam Aliyev  / Flickr

If there is a silver lining to coronavirus, it’s that markets like Iceland and Portugal get a reprieve from years of overtourism. Rustam Aliyev / Flickr

Skift Take: European tourist organizations should use coronavirus as an opportunity to solve overtourism concerns. But going overboard may ultimately do away with the economic benefits of recent years that put much-needed funds into both local and national coffers.

— Cameron Sperance

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Aeromexico Gets $50 Million Lifeline From A Loyalty Company

Tomas Del Coro  / Flickr

Aeromexico is getting a lifeline from its loyalty program. Tomas Del Coro / Flickr

Skift Take: Aeromexico likely needs a lot more than $50 million. What it could use is a government bailout. It provides a valuable national service as Mexico’s only long-haul airline. But the government is not interested in helping the company.

— Brian Sumers

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Norwegian Air Cancels 97 Boeing Jet Orders and Demands Compensation

Norwegian Air

Norwegian has canceled five Boeing 787 Dreamliner orders, along with 92 737 Max orders. The airline also has made a legal claim with Boeing. Norwegian Air

Skift Take: No doubt Norwegian Air took a hit last year when times were good and Rolls-Royce and Boeing messed up on quality control. But with Covid-19, conditions in 2020 would be bad, no matter what. Norwegian can’t blame Boeing or Rolls-Royce for what’s happening now.

— Brian Sumers

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German Covid-19 ‘Heroes’ on First Foreign Flight to Greek Island

Michael Schmalenstroer  / Wikimedia

Kefalos, a town on the island of Kos, Greece. German workers who fought the coronavirus arrived to the island on Monday on the first foreign flight to reach a Greek regional airport since the health crisis began. Michael Schmalenstroer / Wikimedia

Skift Take: The first foreign flight to reach a Greek regional airport since the start of coronavirus pandemic arrived on Monday. It carried German workers who helped fight the coronavirus.

— Korey Matthews

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What Global Hoteliers Need to Learn From China’s Hotel Recovery … and Hiccup

Xiaochen0  / Needpix

A spike in new coronavirus cases in both China and the U.S. in June threatens to plateau both countries’ hotel recovery momentum. Xiaochen0 / Needpix

Skift Take: The U.S. and China have taken similar hotel recovery paths following coronavirus shutdowns, but how U.S. leaders respond to recent case spikes may determine if the transpacific rebound correlation continues.

— Cameron Sperance

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