Most Big Hotel Chains Are Now Committed on Plastics: Here’s the Problem With Promises

daveynin  / Flickr

Plastic bottles on display at Roy’s Motel and Cafe in Amboy, California. Hotels still struggle to find plastic alternatives that will make a significant environmental difference. daveynin / Flickr

Skift Take: We’re drowning in press releases about global hotel companies promising to reduce their reliance on single-use plastics. Most of these items require alternatives though, so what are they?

— Sarah Enelow-Snyder

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How Luxury Hospitality Is Tackling Conservation Efforts Globally

The Resort at Paws Up

The Resort at Paws Up takes part in a number of conservation efforts, including habitat improvement along Elk Creek. Luxury hospitality leaders are taking a role in leading land conservation efforts. The Resort at Paws Up

Skift Take: These days, it’s not just one-off luxury properties that are investing in conservation projects. More companies see the value in protecting and restoring the land they’re situated on, and ones that don’t may be left behind.

— Leslie Barrie

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JetBlue CEO Warns Flight Shaming Is Coming to the U.S.

JetBlue Airbus A321

JetBlue has plans to stave off the flight shaming movement. JetBlue Airbus A321

Skift Take: It may have started as a fringe movement in Sweden, but flight shaming is coming to the U.S., and JetBlue plans to head it off at the pass by investing in offsetting programs and biofuels. But its real green deal may be in its new aircraft.

— Madhu Unnikrishnan

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Southwest Learns to Adapt to 737 Max ‘Crisis’

Mark Ralston  / AFP via Getty Images

Southwest Airlines’ Max jets are being stored in Victorville, California. The airline is unsure when the airplanes will fly again. Mark Ralston / AFP via Getty Images

Skift Take: Southwest is concerned it is losing market share because of the Max grounding. That is likely true. But the Max is also forcing the airline to be more efficient about where it flies and when. That’s probably helping boost unit revenue.

— Brian Sumers

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American Suggests 737 Max Return Pushed Further to Second Half

Angus Mordant  / Bloomberg

A ground crew member directs an American Airlines Group Inc. plane preparing to taxi on the tarmac. Angus Mordant / Bloomberg

Skift Take: American Airlines suggests that it’s not planning for the Boeing 737 Max to return to flying until the late summer or fall. But the airline is still positive this year will be better than last. That shouldn’t be too hard.

— Madhu Unnikrishnan

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