How Certifying a Hotel’s Wellness Bonafides Could Shake Up the Industry

Dayana Brooke  / Unsplash

Hotels are now looking into getting wellness certifications so they can differentiate themselves in an ever more crowded field. Dayana Brooke / Unsplash

Skift Take: Right now, a hotel can offer guests lemon water at check-in and call itself a wellness property. A new wellness certification might raise the bar for that distinction and help legitimize the industry.

— Leslie Barrie

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Ethiopian Airlines to Spend $5 Billion to Build a Next-Generation Airport for Africa

Christian  / Adobe

Shown here is Babogaya Resort at Babogaya Lake in Bishoftu, Ethiopia. State-run Ethiopian Airlines is set to spend $5 building a massive new airport in the city. Christian / Adobe

Skift Take: In a region that has historically struggled in the aviation field, state-run Ethiopian Airlines is truly a success story, playing a key role in the country’s economic development and helping solidify its status as a tourist destination. A new airport takes it to the next level.

— Danielle Hyams

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