Tourism Australia Fights Another Fire: Stemming Potential Cancellations

Associated Press

A firefighter at work in Australia. Associated Press

Skift Take: Bookings to Australia from international markets such as Asia, where millions will be traveling during the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday season, are said to be holding up. A lot of businesses are hoping that’s the case. Australia can do with some cheer.

— Raini Hamdi

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United Gets Stingier With Customer Compensation for Flight Delays

United Airlines

United Airlines customers will need to seek out an airport agent if they want to be compensated for the delays between four and six hours. United Airlines

Skift Take: United may argue it isn’t tweaking its delay compensation scheme to save money. But we’re betting this new policy will save some cash. Still, it probably won’t bother customers too much. How many of them were expecting compensation anyway?

— Brian Sumers

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Latest Funding for The Guild Showcases New Housing Model for Business Travelers

The Guild

The Guild, a hospitality startup, offers apartment-like rentals to business travelers such as this one at The Katy in Dallas, Texas. The Guild

Skift Take: The Guild, a hospitality startup, is not quite a hotel but not quite Airbnb. It’s betting on $25 million in new funding to expand its apartment-like accommodations to urban centers to attract more business travelers.

— Nancy Trejos

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8 Trends Redefining Luxury Travel


A ThirdHome property in Antigua and Barbuda. The mansion-sharing platform just might have the winning formula on what affluent homeowners want when sharing properties. ThirdHome

Skift Take: Meditative hotel gardens, travel subscriptions, and high-tech spas are some of the key trends reshaping luxury travel. They reflect a growing demand for slow travel experiences that are more thoughtful in nature.

— Faye Chiu

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