What Have Hotels Done on Cybersecurity Since the Marriott Hack?

rh2010  / Adobe

The hotel industry is struggling to protect their guests from data breaches on their mobile devices. rh2010 / Adobe

Skift Take: Hotels are ripe for data breaches, with all the information guests provide them. The Marriott hack sounded a wake-up call when revealed last year. But hotels have been slow to come up with ways to protect their guests.

— Nancy Trejos

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National Parks Push Forward on Plastic Limits Despite Political Tussles

Lake Mead NRA Public Affairs

Sen. Harry Reid helped Lake Mead National Recreation Area celebrate its 50th anniversary Oct. 11, 2014 after around 150 volunteers cleaned up litter around Cottonwood Cove Marina. Lake Mead NRA Public Affairs

Skift Take: President Trump rolled back the Obama administration’s limits on plastic bottles in national parks. But park advocates are confusing their efforts to reduce plastics on recreational land.

— Micheline Maynard

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The Most Important Story in Airlines in 2019

Norwegian Air

Boeing stumbled in 2019 because of fallout from the 737 Max groundings. But some airlines, including Norwegian, probably benefited, because they were forced to cancel poorly performing flights. Norwegian Air

Skift Take: The grounding of the Boeing 737 Max worldwide may be the most consequential aviation event in the past decade. Boeing is still confident the plane will fly again. But when?

— Brian Sumers

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