Federal Judge Limits U.S. Border Patrol’s Power to Search Travelers’ Devices

Cesar Rodriguez  / Bloomberg

People waiting in line to pass the border. Cesar Rodriguez / Bloomberg

Skift Take: The expanded power of U.S. border control under Donald Trump has concerned privacy activists as well as tourism officials, who worry about the policies deterring visitors. A recent judge’s ruling is will come as good news to both of those groups.

— Rosie Spinks

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Brazil Wants to Double Its Visitors by 2022 But at What Cost?

https://www.flickr.com/photos/sandeepachetan/  / Flickr.com

How prepared are Brazil’s destinations, like Rio (pictured here) for a doubling of visitors by 2022? https://www.flickr.com/photos/sandeepachetan/ / Flickr.com

Skift Take: Brazil is focused on doubling its visitors by 2022 and changing its image to be more focused on its natural resources. There are concerns, however, about whether the plan is sustainable.

— Kristin Majcher

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Can Travel Advisors Be a Secret Weapon in Quest for Sustainable Tourism?

Caccamo  / Flickr.com

Tourists, with a cruise ship in the background, in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where locals are coping with overtourism issues. Travel advisors are on the frontline of steering consumers toward more responsible travel options. Caccamo / Flickr.com

Skift Take: By guiding clients toward responsible choices in how and where they travel, travel advisors can play a key part in promoting sustainable tourism. Not only do local communities benefit, but visitors come away with more meaningful experiences.

— Maria Lenhart

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How Destinations Are Redefining Themselves for the Decade Ahead

Skift Take: While everyone is excited about the start of the new year ahead, progressive tourism leaders are thinking ten or more years into the future to create a more holistic, sustainable vision for the visitor and resident experience. It represents a larger shift as destination marketing organizations evolve their role to management and stewardship in order to drive long-term benefits for communities and visitors.

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