What Destination Marketers Can Learn from Airbnb’s China Strategy


In the rural village of Jinjiang, Airbnb and the Guilin Municipal Government Tourism Development Committee partnered on a one-year project that recruited globally renowned designers to redesign local, traditional stilt-style homes as functional homestays. Airbnb

Skift Take: China is on track to be Airbnb’s top origin market in 2020. Destination marketing organizations targeting Chinese travelers can gain insights from the homesharing giant’s take-charge strategy, which is key for staying power in this fiercely competitive sector.

— Faye Chiu

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Oyo’s Growing Losses and 7 Other Top Hospitality Stories This Week

Oyo Hotels and Homes

Oyo Hotels and Homes this week disclosed widening losses in a new financial report. Oyo Hotels and Homes

Skift Take: This week in hospitality, Oyo Hotels and Homes disclosed bigger financial losses, mostly from China, as it continues its expansion. Meanwhile, Marriott is working to revitalize its W brand and Selina hotels are moving fast to take on WeWork in South and Latin America.

— Jasmine Ganaishlal

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Away Co-Founder’s Coach Seat Secret and Other Pro Tips for the Holiday Travel Crush


Away co-founder Jen Rubio (left) being interviewed on stage by Skift President Carolyn Kremins at Skift Global Forum on Sept. 18, 2019. Skift

Skift Take: It’s the most wonderful time of the year — or the most stressful, if you’re traveling. Here’s how to sidestep the pitfalls of holiday travel.

— Rosie Spinks

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Hotels Experiment With Reducing Food Waste: Will All-You-Can Eat Buffets Be History?

Hyatt Hotels

Hyatt is trying to reduce food waste at its 875 hotels around the world. Buffets are one place to cut down on over-serving of food. This is one at the Hyatt Regency in Amsterdam. Hyatt Hotels

Skift Take: Hotels are known for wanting to please their guests, and feeding them is one way of doing it. But food waste is helping to deteriorate the environment. Hotels are making an effort to cut down on it. So ar they are earning praise for trying, but they have a long way to go.

— Nancy Trejos

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European Airlines Face Prospect of Finally Having to Pay Tax on Jet Fuel

Fraport AG

Aircraft at Frankfurt Airport. European airlines face the prospect with paying tax on jet fuel. Fraport AG

Skift Take: Airlines obviously won’t like it but the prospect of new or higher taxes now seems inevitable. The problem that the European Union will have is getting other countries across the world involved.

— Patrick Whyte

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