Travel Leaders Wants to Find Fixes for Overtourism

Travel Leaders Group

Travel Leaders Group CEO Ninan Chacko thinks overtourism may lead travel advisors to create more complex itineraries to out-of-the way places. Travel Leaders Group

Skift Take: Travel Leaders is one of the first travel giants to turn overtourism into an opportunity. It’s teaming up with industry partners and academia to raise awareness, seek solutions, and push for sustainable business practices.

— Allan Leibowitz

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Can Thailand Handle 65 Million Tourists by 2029?


Tourists at a floating market in Thailand. Many, many, many more are coming. Bloomberg

Skift Take: This looks like an overtourism disaster in the making. Thailand could get 65 million visitors — the size of UK’s population — by 2029. It can hardly cope now, with issues including pollution, environmental degradation, and lack of proper planning in development. Shudder.

— Raini Hamdi

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Hotels Are Reviving Nightclubs to Boost Visibility


Just another crazy night at Jimmy’z in Monaco in the Hôtel de Paris. SBM

Skift Take: The nightlife industry has long been riddled with fly-by-night club closures and seedy venues. Now a handful of powerful hoteliers are changing that by launching new nightlife concepts — and parlaying them into higher room rates. Who says disco is dead?

— Jennifer Parker

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Lifestyle-Brand Veteran Dream Hotel Group to Expand Aggressively

Dream Hotel Group

The lobby of Dream Hotel Group’s new Dream Nashville hotel. Dream Hotel Group

Skift Take: It’s no secret that lifestyle brands cater to a particular type of traveler, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of money still to be made in the space. As lifestyle veterans, Dream Hotel Group could have a leg up over larger chains that have more capital to play with.

— Danni Santana

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