Dominican Republic Counters Negative Publicity After U.S. Tourist Deaths

Courtesy imnage  / Ministry of Tourism Dominican Republic

La Romana region in the Dominican Republic, where one of the Bahia Principe properties is located. Courtesy imnage / Ministry of Tourism Dominican Republic

Skift Take: Media reports of seven U.S. tourist deaths in the last year in the Dominican Republic certainly sound alarming. But judgment should be reserved until a connection between them is established. Otherwise, the industry may needlessly suffer.

— Rosie Spinks

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Scandinavian Airlines Goes Local With Farm-to-Tray-Table Menus

Scandinavian Airlines

Scandinavian Airlines unveiled its New Nordic by SAS concept about two years ago. It recently updated it, adding featured vegetarian or vegan dishes. Scandinavian Airlines

Skift Take: For long-haul flights SAS lacks the size and scale to compete with its much larger European competitors. On short-haul routes the airline can’t compete with the cost structure of the continent’s strongest low-cost-carriers. But there’s one place it probably does have an edge: its onboard food.

— Brian Sumers

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American Will Put Its Managers on Boeing 737s Before Paying Customers


American Airlines Boeing 737 Max jets in storage. When they are approved to fly again, the airline will put its managers onboard first. Bloomberg

Skift Take: To reassure its passengers, American plans to put its own employees on Boeing 737s once they are cleared to fly. You can bet that won’t do a whole lot to soothe anxieties.

— Tom Lowry

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