Experts Advise Travelers on How to Cope With Overtourism

Gregory Bull  / Associated Press

In this March 18, 2019, photo, people pose for a picture among wildflowers in bloom at Lake Elsinore, Calif. This spring, fields of wildflowers in Lake Elsinore, were overrun by tourists seeking the perfect photo. A tweet from Lake Elsinore City Hall was blunt about the impact of traffic jams and trampled hillsides: “We know it has been miserable,” they wrote, “and has caused unnecessary hardships for our entire community.” Gregory Bull / Associated Press

Skift Take: Skift coined the term overtourism, and the wave of this problematic phenomenon has begun to crest with the Louvre closing on Monday after employees complained they were harassed by tourist throngs. Expect more such incidents this summer at top destinations worldwide.

— Sean O’Neill

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U.S. Airlines Add Unusual New Routes and 8 Other Aviation Trends This Week

Delta Airlines

Delta Air Lines Boeing 717. Many U.S. airlines are adding unusual international routes as they seek to grow. Delta Airlines

Skift Take: This week in aviation, some airlines are experimenting with unconventional routes and the CEO of Singapore Airlines talks about the difficulties of the Southeast Asia market. Plus, we explore the complex issue of lightweight plastics in airplane catering.

— Isaac Carey

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Global Airlines Worry About Havoc Caused by a Boeing 737 Max Regulatory Rift

American Airlines

American’s Boeing 737 Max jets sit on storage. American could be in a situation later this year when it can fly the jets domestically but not to some Latin American countries. American Airlines

Skift Take: Regardless of how you feel about the handling of the Boeing 737 Max, this is a big issue. Airlines have always assumed global regulators would reach the same conclusions about aircraft safety. Now they’re not so sure, and that could cause issues, longer-term.

— Brian Sumers

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European Governments See Renewed Importance of National Airlines

tsuna72  / Flickr

Finnair is unlikely to participate in European airline consolidation. The government views the airline as too important to national interests. tsuna72 / Flickr

Skift Take: European governments once believed they could rely on the market to ensure their links to the outside world. But many are starting to become more protective of their national airlines. In many ways, it is a return to the past.

— Brian Sumers

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